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Keeping your Puppy Healthy and Active

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

NuVet Vitamins play an important role here at Bearheart Newfoundlands. These vitamins help to provide the the important nutrition these puppies need for their physical development as well as their overall well being. Our goal is to provide strong, healthy, and happy puppies that will bring joy, love, and happiness to your home. All of our dogs receive NuVet Vitamins here at Bearheart Newfoundlands. I believe these vitamins should be given to these dogs, not only through their developmental stages, but throughout their life. These vitamins help to strengthen their immune system, maintain a healthy skin and coat, reduce itching and scratching, supports ear and eye health, improves digestion and also supports cardiovascular health. The NuJoint Plus vitamins help to protect healthy joints, rebuild cartilage, lubricate joints, and improve mobility. These vitamins are manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered pharmaceutical facility. These vitamins are also Cold-Pressed to retain essential nutrients.

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