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This is Windsor.  Windsor was returned to us. He is from Kisa and Oreo and we are calling him Windsor. Windsor turned one year old on the 28th of May. Windsor was returned on the 5th of May. Windsor is house trained and he is a very loving, sweet, playful Newfoundland.  He sits, lays, waits, and loves the water. When he gets wet he likes to roll around in the grass. He is a clown. He loves to play with toys. (all of them). Windsor is $2000.00. If you are interested in him please call me at 918-399-2914 so I can explain to you why Windsor was returned.  When I first listed him, he was listed as "Romeo". He goes to the feed store, the park, and shops with me at Wal Mart.

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Major is one of our new available puppies ready to go to his forever home. He was born on June 5th 2022.  Major's parents are Kisa and Oreo from Mountain West Newfoundlands in Utah.  Major comes from strong European bloodlines. Both parents have their OFA's. Major is a fun, loving, playful male Landseer Newfoundland.  He loves being outside and playing with toys and being around people of all ages.  Major also loves to play in the water.  Major is $4000.00 for full registration only.


Raven's Black and White Female

This puppy has sold. This black and white female is from the dam Raven.  She was born on New Years Day.  She is very healthy and thriving. 

Lucy (5)_edited.jpg

Raven's brown and white male

This male puppy has sold. This is Raven's brown and white male.  He is very healthy and thriving.  He was born on New Years Day.  

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To reserve a puppy you need to fill out the contract and send it back to Sheasok@bearheartnewfoundlandsllc.com to receive an invoice for deposit.